The Winners is very pleased to announce the winners of the second round of our Historical Research Competition.

Top Winner – $5,000

The Century Magazine by Ernest Steiner

Runner-ups – $1,000

Dwight MacDonald’s Politics by Scott Lahti

The Forum by Christopher Olewicz

Other Notable Entries

Common Ground by Christopher Briem

Theodore Dreiser’s American Spectator by Tracey DeFrancesco

The Reporter by Ernest Steiner

Ramparts by Jamie-Stern Weiner


Results of the first round of our Historical Research Competition.

First Place – $10,000
“Encounter Magazine” by Scott Lahti

Second Place – $3,000
“Creating the ‘First Lady’: Presidents’ Wives in Popular Magazines, 1880-1930” by Donna L. Halper

Additional Winners – $1,000
“Women’s Health Protective Associations in the United States” by Amelia Bonea

“The American Russian Institute” by Fred. S. Naiden


Comments – “The Influence of Encounter,” by Ron Unz